October Is Here With Good Deep Sea Fishing

October 13 2023 - Mid October deep sea fishing line up.. Fishing report for Key West.
Blackfin tuna
Blackfin Tuna

October 13th 2023 – Well into the month of October and we are not disappointed. The weather has been a little wet mixed with some wind last few days but it looks like the next couple of weeks are solid with nice conditions to take advantage of our Key West deep sea fishing bite. 

Deep Sea Fishing Report

Getting out past the reef for a day of deep sea fishing has been paying off for our anglers this last week with some nice catches. Working up on top of the reef the kingfish have not disappointed with some really good rod bending action on the deep troll. Always a fan favorite and great on the smoker kind mackerel really put on a show. 

Working just a but deeper our boats are locking in on the promised wahoo bite that comes with the moons in October. Check out our Key West fishing calendar and you will see that the October, November, December and January moons both full and new are great times to target wahoo. 

Wahoo are being caught around the moons of October

Blackfin tunas are Also in the deep sea fishing report this week. Trolling the faster tiny baits our captains are getting slammed by the black fins when in the targeted areas that they congregate at. Usually inside 300 ft of water and often around the wrecks. 

 We won’t say the sailfish bite is fire but there have been a few fish hooked this last week. Mahi mahi have also been caught as well, especially on the Southerly winds. 

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

As we get further away from the summer and winter takes its place the Key West fishing will change a lot, mostly for the better. Along with winter will also come some weather too. The cold fronts start to come in as early as late October. This can be a good thing for fishing as the bait starts to gather on the reef making a huge food source for the predators. The sailfish, kingfish and cero mackerel will be on stand by to take full advantage of this. In between the cold fronts when the winds blow front the Southerly directions this can improve the shot at mahi mahi. Blackfin tunas will be a consistent part of our fishing though March.

One of the best parts of this time of the year is we do not have to go far to get into the fish. In light of that we think the 4 and 6 hour options for our deep sea fishing charters are great. Still, there is nothing like a full day on the water… sometimes our budget and time line does not allow. 

Booking A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Give us a call. We will go over every option with you. Our captains are amazing and will show you a great day on the water. Prices certainly vary from one boat to the next. Usually because of boat size and amenities with the speed of the boat being a factor. Less time getting there means more time fishing. We will personally help you navigate all the different ways to go fishing in Key West. 

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