Key West Deep Sea Fishing Calendar

Key West fishing calendar

Our Key West deep sea fishing calendar is the best way to determine when to come down to Paradise to fish for your targeted species. Our month by month calendar provides you with an in depth description of what to expect to help you pinpoint the right time of year to visit for your favorite targeted species. Or, it can simply let you know what to expect during your already planned fishing vacation to Key West. 

Keep in mind this calendar is meant as a guideline only. Things can vary based on weather conditions and other environmental factors. Feel free to call our office to find out what is actually happening with fishing Key West right now.

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January - February - March

blackfin tunas
Blackfin Tunas and Skip Jacks in March Deep Sea Fishing off Key West

We look just past the reef for wahoo, sailfish, tunas, kingfish, cero mackerel, mahi mahi, bonito, and blackfin tunas.The mackerels are up on the reefs, the sailfish are a little deeper, the wahoo are just past the reef mixed in with the Blackfin tunas and bonito. Northerly winds produce the best all round bite with the South Easterlies holding on to a summertime surprise of dolphin.It is not uncommon for us to have a sailfish run that is just off the reef in January. Still working the new and full moon bite for a greater chance of wahoo. Toward the end of March if the weather is warm there can be some large dolphin moving through on the Southerly Winds. 

It can get a little chilly in January here in Key West as cold fronts move through, Its tough to book around the weather as most of our deep sea fishing charters are booked up way in advanced. The cooler weather can have a very positive effect on the deep sea bite. It’s a wonderful time to be in Key West weather wise. March can get quite windy. 

Our tourists season is in full swing by the end of March. Room rates are as high as they get this time of the year. Folks come here to fish and schedules can get quite full on your favorite boat. 

Pro Tips – When deep sea fishing these months, a four to six hour deep sea fishing charter is a good amount of time to get into the fish since the run out is not too far. Booking a boat that has a place to keep you warm and dry out of the weather can be very important. We recommend anglers look for boats with enclosed salons and living areas. March can get windy. Make sure you book a boat that can handle the seas well. Speak with us about what boats cancel without penalty for certain wind conditions and possible sea sickness. 

April - May - Beginning of June

Key West fishing calendar Sailfish
April May holds our best sail fishing possibilities here in Key West

Arguably the best time to go deep sea fishing in Key West. Sailfish, Blackfin Tunas, dolphin (mahi mahi) are the headliners. Kingfish, wahoo, bonito, cero mackerel and jacks are the rest of the list of fish species available during this time. Beginning of April can still hold some good high pressure Easterly winds encouraging the sailfish to tail just past the reef. Kite fishing can be popular during the sailfish run. Trolling for them and the rest of the species works great. 

As winter gives way to summer late April – June can get much calmer. Not much rain this time of the year however its a 50/50 chance and early tropical system may form up in June. 

Book your boats as soon as you know your plans. This is without a doubt the busiest time of the year for Key West deep sea fishing. Room rates are high but the kids are gone and back to school after spring break. 

Pro Tips – As you guessed we will tell you to book your boat trips early. IF you want to kite fish please let us know and be prepared for a good bit of your fishing time taken up by the crew catching live bait for you. Bring a little extra money for mounting a trophy, this is definitely trophy season. 

Mid June - July - August - September

mahi mahi dolphin fishing calendar
Put together a nice box of fish in the summer with our deep sea fishing charters.

Welcome to our summer. Mahi Mahi (dolphin) are the highlight species with a sprinkle of wahoo the occasional skip jack tuna. Yellowtail snappers on the reef and deep water grouper and tile fish are available. Trolling is the typical way to find the dolphin then we stop to cast lures and bait to the huge schools to compound on a good box of fish. This is considered Marlin season.. 

Hot humid and sticky is the majority of the days this time of the year. Hurricane season is in full swing so watch your weather. Calm winds make the long runs very pleasant. 

Summer is our offseason here in Key West. Out side of major holidays or Key West events we have some stelar room rates. Many restaurants offer discounts in late August and September. 

Pro Tips – Book last minute.. Watch the tropics.. Get great room rates and have the island to yourself. Plan on fish for the rest of the year if you hit it big on the Mahi (dolphin). Full moons for a good shot at marlin. The Key West fishing calendar is great but updated fishing reports are even better. Check out The Key West Fishing Report.

October - November - December

Key West fishing calendar Fall Wahoo
The Fall is the best wahoo fishing we have here in Key West.

What a great time to go deep sea fishing in Key West. Wahoo are the top of the list with Blackfin Tunas. Mahi mahi come through on the Southerly winds. Sailfish have a nice run in late November and December and there is some good kingfish on the reef with a great reef bite for snappers and the last of grouper season. Many prefer November full moon for our best marlin. 

The weather can be tricky. As summer heads way to the winter here in Key West November can toss up some pretty good winds with early cold fronts. Nice thing is we fish South of Key West and the Northerly winds are blocked giving us a pretty good lee side. Cooler temps charge the fishing really well and things heat up. 

Key West is up and down with bookings that time of the year. Room rates are strong during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas week. We have a huge festival here in Key West called Fantasy Fest that the room rates go up and with limited availability. Boat races have become a very popular time to visit in the second week of November.

Pro Tips – For holidays, new moon and full moon BOOK your boat EARLY!!! These are excellent times for Wahoo. Bring a sweater.. Book a bigger boat. Check cancellation policies for bad weather. Bring some extra cash for trophy mounts. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out our Key West fishing Calendar focused on deep sea fishing written by one of our local Key West charter boat captains. We hope you found it informative. 
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