Hurricane Idalia A Near Miss To Key West

Wednesday August 30 2023 - Hurricane Idalia misses Key West with her fury as she moves quickly through the Gulf Of Mexico and hit the Pan Handle.
Hurricane Idalia
Calm before the storm

Wednesday August 30 2023 – Hurricane Idalia has made her way into the Gulf of Mexico. Sparing Key West this time from the brunt of a tropical system that could have been a bit of a handful. 

Hurricane Idalia was just a child as far as hurricanes in the Gulf go. Spawning just between the Western tip of Cuba and the Yucatán Peninsula days before building into a monster storm that had tropical effects reaching out as far as 450 miles as she made landfall on Keaton Beach Florida up in the pan handle as a major category 4 hurricane  just 3 days after she was even a blip on the weather radar. 

Here in Key West we watched Idalia with a weary eye hoping she would not prove the computer models wrong. We are pretty much always prepared. As Idalia moved here way to the North Gulf and passed Key West a special sigh of releif came over the island of Key West. I am sure Ft Myers was also breathing easier yesterday, especially after hurricane Ian last year. Ian wrecked Ft Myers Beach and all the low lying areas inland with a major tropical force. 

This morning in our small cleanup around Key West we still have 30 mph winds in the tail of Idalia. Our deep sea fishing here in Key West will resume as soon as the winds subside. We really like a good (not too good) storm to shake things up a bit mid summer to stir the pot so-to-speak. Cools things off with the stiring of the very cool deep sea water temps.


The fishing was very good offshore of Key West before the storm we are hoping it might get even better. I would imagine things will be back on track for the deep sea fleet of Key West by end of this week – Friday or Saturday.  With that we expect the mahi fishing to continue to be good.. in the coming days we will also expect there to be some more debris coming by the Key West area from Idalia and her distruction in the Gulf. This will undoubtedly hold fish. 

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

September is probably the slowest month of the year for Key West deep sea fishing charters and tourism as a whole.. A great time for fantastic rates in our hotels. Schedules are light so many captains and crew vacation this time of the year or pull boats to get them ready for next season. In light of this, there are fewer boats to take folks fishing so the demand is still up… Feel free to call for more details.. 

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