Winds Calming This Week?

November 3 2023- The winds will be coming down this weekend and into next week. Here is what we know.
Winds Calming
Nice pretty mornings like these are on the way.

November 3rd 2023 – The fleet is waiting for the window to get out and fish. Looking forward to seeing what these incredible strong winds have brought to the table here for Key West deep sea fishing

The Winds Are Calming

Moving into the weekend and into next week we are seeing the trend of the winds laying down. the extended forecast shows the easterly winds will prevail with 10-15 kts and slightly higher next Friday. The temps have not dropped like we had hoped for but it has certainly dried out making the air very nice. We are seeing temps in the high 70s and 80s for the forecast period. 

How Will It Affect The Fishing

For the weekend it looks like we will have some Northerly component to the winds through Tuesday. This will certainly help with the tuna bite. 

With the Easterly winds prevailing and a hard core West bound current the sea conditions will be more tolerable. Down here in Key West we have a more East To West reef system. This caters to the wind and the current rolling the same direction and creating less friction to stand the waves up. Unlike the Islamorada area where the reef runs more NE and SW and they take the East wind right on the chin. This is a good thing for our anglers that want to fish without the beating. 

Color change can be key. After the blow we are hoping the color change is just off the reef separating the island tidal flow from the blue water flow. This will give the predators such as sailfish, tuna, dolphin and wahoo a nice place to hunt as they look to smash bait along the color change. Definitely something to make use of.

We are hoping that we start getting some reports in over the weekend from our deep sea boats. We will certainly keep you posted.. 


Booking a fishing charter is easy. November is a slower month for the boats here in Key West up til about Thanksgiving week and things really start to pick up. Check out our deep sea fishing calendar to see when the best time for your species to come here.. 

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